Chris Dotson

Hi my name is Chris Dotson and I graduated from Millard High School in Pikeville, Ky. in 1978. I then studied Electronics at Mayo State Vocational School in Paintsville, Ky. I graduated in 1980. After several years of Electronics experience, I attended Tennessee Technology Center in Morristown, TN., where I received the following certifications: A+, Network+, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). This is my fourteenth year of teaching at the Greene Technology Center, and my third year with TOPS.


2015-2016 Adjunct of the Year

Misty Sweat

Misty was voted as adjunct of the year by the TOPS leadership team for 2015-2016. Misty has taught several courses for TOPS this year: Advanced Algebra/Trig, Statistics, , Math 2A, Math 2B, Math 3A, Math 3B. Misty developed Advanced Algebra/Trig and Statistics while working with a team to develop Math 3A and 3B. While being involved in all of the teaching and design work, Misty also attended and was part of the TOPS leadership team. She contributed many ideas and helped the team maintain its focus on school improvement. 

While going through accreditation with AdvancED, Misty helped with logistics, setting up for the meeting, presenting to the group, and being interviewed. Misty followed up this experience by attending the AdvancED STEM conference where she co-presented with colleagues about the STEM approach in an online school. Misty also attended the NSTA national conference where she presented with Integrated Math and Science project-based learning. Finally, Misty is delivering a webinar for the Professional Educators of Tennessee on transitioning to an Integrated Math program.

Misty organized a meetup in Memphis with other TOPS students to attend the Civil Rights Museum and Central Barbecue. 

Misty has worked for TOPS since 2013. 



Karen Fine

Note: This was a Halloween costume. 

Note: This was a Halloween costume. 

Karen was voted as the adjunct of the year by the TOPS leadership team. Karen has worked tirelessly developing Art 1 and Art 2. In addition to course development and teaching, Karen is always willing to collaborate with her colleagues on different projects. Karen is always willing to share at faculty meetings and never hesitates to suggest improvements. In 2015, Karen attended the Southern USDLA conference in New Orleans where she presented on teaching Art online. 

What Karen brings to TOPS is not only fantastic arts instruction, but also experience in about every school setting you could imagine. Not one to be shy, Karen shares her insight and experiences in faculty meetings and helps the school solve problems. 

2013-2014 TOPS Adjunct of the year

Gina Pavlovich

Mrs. Pavlovich with her husband. 

Mrs. Pavlovich with her husband. 

One of the original teachers at TOPS, Mrs. Pavlovich has influenced the direction of TOPS and has been the leader of the social studies department since the very first day. Gina always goes above and beyond for everyone. Certainly, she's an excellent teacher and does all she can for her students, but she also collaborates with and helps other members of TOPS staff. Gina has a leadership role with the Niswonger Learning Center. TOPS has been fortunate to benefit from her experience and expertise.