I want to use this space to tell you a little bit about TOPS. TOPS is a very special school. It is a school for any student who wants to do his or her education online without having to be on a 7:30 to 2:30, Monday through Friday schedule. A lot of people think online school is an easy way out, but it isn't. The discipline and responsiblity required of online students far surpasses their counterparts in brick and mortar schools. Getting an education online does have its advantages, though, because students get to set their own work schedule every week.

Additionally, I believe that relationships are the key to getting the most out of any educational experience. Student-teacher relationships, student-student relationships, and student-administrator relationships are very important at TOPS. We don't want online education to ever be lonely; we want it to be a very rich experience. At TOPS we have racial, cultural, and geographic diversity of which we want our students to take advantage. Our culture is one of acceptance for everyone. This is a place where you can truly be yourself.

I firmly believe that online education can be better than any other type of education because it breaks down a lot of the barriers to learning that exist in brick and mortar schools. Schedule is one of those. Time is another. At TOPS we have time to include all of the content that students need to learn. Attending TOPS doesn't mean a student has to miss out on being a teenager; we just feel that we give teenagers time to do what they're interested on their own schedule.