Spring 2018 Enrollment

Because of limited space, we are doing our Spring 2018 enrollment differently than in the past. Please read through the procedures: 

Before applying, please note: We are only taking students who...

  • are currently on a 4x4 block schedule (definition here).
  • aren't behind on credits.
  • fill out the pre-enrollment form (see below)
  • pay the $125 application fee or qualify for a waiver.
  • are passing or very close to passing their current courses at their current school. 
  • have submitted their application by December 1. This means you must have the pre-enrollment form filled out before then. We will not accept any applications after midnight Eastern. 


  1. Please fill out the pre-enrollment form here. (Link)
  2. We will notify you if you are selected to fill out an application and will email you the application link. 
  3. You must fill out the application with all documents before December 1. 
  4. If the documents on your application differ from those on the form causing your enrollment to be rejected, the $125 is non-refundable. Keep this in mind when filling out the pre-enrollment form. 
  5. We will announce all enrollment decisions by December 5.
  6. New students will be officially enrolled on December 18.  
  7. You will complete the online orientation by January 2. 

What if I don't qualify?

Please check back here on April 1. Our Fall enrollment isn't as limited as our Spring enrollment is. You can sign up for updates here

What if I want to just take one or two online courses through TOPS? 

Check out our à la carte program here.