Senior Math

Applied Mathematical Concepts  is designed for senior students who want to experience mathematics in a way that is actually connected to issues that occur in the real world (imagine that). The course will cover financial math (analyzing interest, investments, and loans), using mathematics to determine the validity of arguments, and organizing and analyzing data to assist in decision making.  The course will likely focus on the production of products and on projects, instead of a more traditional quiz and test methodology. (See video below)

Electives are classes that aren't required, but they are classes you choose to take. To complete a program of study, you have to complete certain electives. Because the teachers want you to make an informed decision, they have provided some more information for you here. 

Computer Science Electives

Art Electives

Art Appreciation 1

My name is Dr. Fine and I designed this course specifically for the TOPS online high school student. If you know anyone at TOPS that has taken this course (even if they were put into it without choosing it themselves) they will tell you how great it is!! You do not have to be an artist or good at drawing to learn a lot in this class...don’t be afraid. The lessons are differentiated in each weeks’ modules which means you get to choose if you want to do a short essay about the module subject or an art project. Many students pick and choose as they go along each week. If you have taken art before, I guarantee this course will stimulate your artistic side. I give lots of feedback each week to each one of my students. The discussion topics are really interesting and we usually have lots of great posts.  Many TOPS students love this class because it is very different from all their other classes, it is a relaxing peaceful place…join us!

Art Appreciation 2

My name is Dr. Fine and I designed this course specifically for the TOPS online high school student. I designed Art 2 for those students that have a basic understanding of art and a desire to expand their own creativity. You do not have to be an accomplished artist to be in this class, all are welcome! Any TOPS student that has taken this course will tell you how interesting it is and that they really enjoyed the class. In this course we investigate different cultures and their art, compare artists each week in our discussions and use a sketchbook. I provide lots of detailed feedback for each student every week. The discussion prompts are very interesting and are a starting point for great posts. At the end of the course you actually create your own module of artistic things that are important to you. Several of the Art 2 students have gone on to art careers and college programs once they graduate.

Art Appreciation 3

My name is Dr. Fine and I designed this course specifically for the TOPS online high school student. This course is intended for the student that has a foundation of other art classes and wants to continue their artistic journey. It is a two-fold class; the art student will create projects that last several weeks with detailed feedback from the teacher each week as we go along until completion, the art student will also pick time periods each week to investigate in depth to gain more insight into artistic cultures and artistchoices. Each student will have lots of personal choice and will share their creations and research with the other students in the class through video sharing sessions. Art portfolio design will be included in this class to assist those applying to art programs or those students that want a digital record of their work.