I grew up a small town girl, right over the mountain in Madison County, North Carolina. I graduated high
school in 2008 and went on to East Tennessee State University, where a slew of opportunity and chaos
slapped me in the face.

All through school, I knew I was destined to be a pediatrician. However, within two weeks of college, I
realized that was not the case. God called to be a teacher. I hated the idea, but felt that’s where I was
supposed to be. I love physics and understanding this big BIG universe! I’m also fairly fond of kids, so it’s
been a great mesh thus far.

I started college as a student in the Talent Expansion in Quantitative Biology, so a LOT of research was
required. I completed research in Astronomy and I’m published in the Astronomy Journal. I spent a hot
summer in Indiana in 2010 researching Electron Paramagnetic Resonance effects on Ruthenium (AKA – a
cool way to produce energy!) I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors in 2012 as the top physics
student in my graduating class. I have a B.S. in Physics with a minor in Secondary Education and

I met my husband the first day of college. We got married in 2012. In 2013, we spent a few weeks doing
missions in South Korea. In 2014, we decided to be foster parents. We are adopting our three kids who
we got when they were 3, 6, and 7. I enjoy playing video games, playing outside, and swimming with my

I’ve been teaching Physics at Greeneville High School since 2013, and I love it!
I’m excited to start teaching with TOPS! Let’s get started learning together...