"TOPS has allowed Ashten to flourish as an artist and as a creative student since he started. TOPS is the best at meeting a student where they are and allowing them to grow academically.

The compassion they have for the students is reassuring as a parent, and the confidence they have in their kids to succeed is heartwarming.  We had only had one moment of doubt last year and we were immediately assured by the principal and staff that they knew he had what it took to get back on track and stay on it. TOPS celebrates their students, every teacher I have met will take advantage of bragging on their current or past students."

"I love that I get a quality education while being on my own schedule. This means I can pursue things outside of school that are important to me."

"The flexibility and hands on commitment. My teachers talk with about everything.. Whether it's about my daily life, or more importantly what I'm needing help with. They choose to be available even after their office hours if someone is needing help. I love the willingness and want to teach help children that these teachers have."

"I like that I get to manage my own time. I can set my own schedule and not have to worry about working around my school schedule. I have my work schedule, then my college class schedule then my study schedule."

"The thing I like best about TOPS is the flexibility I get to have, while also getting a good education. I am able to do more things I enjoy, and I am able to sleep more which really calms down my stress levels. Also, I don't have to worry about my safety."


"I have an anxiety disorder and it got so bad my freshman year that I physically could not go to school and be there without feeling that constant anxiety. I nearly failed all of my classes, so I started TOPS my sophomore year so that my academic career wouldn't suffer. 
All of my teachers have been really nice, and all of my classmates have also been very cool people. I also really enjoy the service learning - I like helping out!!
If you have an obstacle like I do that you can't necessarily work around in a public setting, TOPS is definitely the way to go. It's easy to follow, everybody is kind and thoughtful, and it's all around just a good establishment. "
- Meghan

"i came to TOPS for multiple reasons. one being that i really didn't fit in there -- you either had to be involved or something, popular, etc. in order to be considered cool, or normal. i never liked any of those things; i was usually on my own. i was picked on for the things that i wore, my acne, my hair, you know - anything that usually wasn't meant to be made fun of. i was tired of it - every day was a struggle for me, to get up and go to a school i hated. then tops surfaced.
I've had several great experiences at TOPS: from the teachers, to the student body, everyone was just really welcoming and kind.
i would. recommend TOPS, but i think it all dIpends on your motivation to learn material, and have self-discipline."
- Mak

I chose TOPS for a number of many reasons, including: having more free time, more travel time, a more flexible schedule in order to work/have hobbies, and reduce the stress of high school drama/work load. 
My best experience at TOPS so far has been with my math teachers: Mrs. Sweat & Mr. Lamie. Math has always been my hardest subject; it doesn't come naturally to me. Mrs. Sweat and Mr. Lamie have been excellent teachers, though, and made me feel like I can overcome any math problem. Not only are the resources they provide excellent, (videos, games, textbooks, etc.) but they also take the time to answer any questions with you personally via Skype, google chat, etc. My math teachers at TOPS have been personal, encouraging, consistent, and effective. My other classes have been nothing short; I only chose to talk about math because it's the class I struggle the most in. Classes like Ms. Demma's English class, Ms. Fine's Art class, and Ms. Weeden's Personal Finance class have involving class discussions, real-life examples and skills, and out-of-the-box, exciting assignments. 
I would recommend TOPS to another student who is pursuing a less-stressful, more involved, consistent, quality education. With TOPS, you can work at your own pace and make your own schedule. (One-week's worth of work is due every Friday.) The social aspect is not lost at online school; there are class discussions, video chat setups with teachers and students, group projects, student outings, (kids from the same area meet up) Facebook groups, and a place to put discussions about anything you want, even if it's not education-related. TOPS is a tight-knit community where the main focus is a quality education and a fun learning environment. All TOPS websites/groups are monitored by an adult. The work is not easier than a brick-and-mortar school; it might even be harder. Determination and self-discipline are key at TOPS. We have the same standards as everyone else in Tennessee, and all of the teachers are licensed and energetic about their work.  
- Sarah

I am an actor. I have always had a passion for acting and TOPS has given me the flexible schedule to be able to do more shows and expand my career in acting. It has allowed me to learn so many new things about how I can grow as a person and as an actor.
All of the teachers at TOPS are the best educators I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They are all so invested in making sure every student reaches their full potential and to let them grow as a person.
I would tell other students that if they are looking for a great education with flexible schedule and amazing teachers TOPS is the place for them.
- Coy

I have a severe form of anxiety and it involved school. I wanted to get help and still be in school. TOPS has helped so much and I am forever grateful. I will be returning next year because I love the amazing teachers and the support from other students.
I have been accepted into a great medical program in Boston, Massachusetts. To me, the best experience is the close friendships that I have gained and the feel of inclusion and acceptance. I have not met one negative or rude person at all. 
Of course, I would. If you are very independent and self driven, this is perfect. If you want friendships and a positive environment, this is perfect. I just love this school and I want others to love it to.
- Sara