Welcome to the Parent corner!  Please find links to help you assist your student during their time at TOPS.  

  • Canvas:  Canvas is our academic software.  Your student's courses will be loaded onto Canvas, with lessons and assignments unlocked each Saturday morning.  
  • PowerSchool:  PowerSchool is system we use to track attendance and report final grades.  Parents and students may access it anytime to see the current attendance record.  In addition, we send out weekly reminders when attendance has been updated.  It is important to check often, as violation of our attendance policy can result in removal of a student from the TOPS program.
  • Discipline Policies:  Please read our discipline policies here.  Violations of certain policies could result in removal of a student from the TOPS program.
  • Advice:  Please find helpful advice to parents here. 
  • Special Education: If your student has a special education plan, please click here to find resources and information.
  • Attendance Procedures:  As mentioned above, we take attendance for students weekly.  Please read the procedures carefully, so you are aware of students' and parents' responsibilities.