Hello! I am Candy Sutherland and I have loved mythology since I was 12 years old (more than 40 years ago!) Besides taking mythology courses in high school and college, I have taught from Edith Hamilton's amazing MYTHOLOGY book for ten years...and I still love it. I have lived in rural east Tennessee and urban Indianapolis, IN in my lifetime, and I married my college sweetheart in 1984. My undergrad degree from Milligan College means I am certified to teach biology and English, and my master's degree means I am certified to teach reading. I tutor high school juniors and seniors privately for the ACT Preparation and teach public school in these areas: word etymology, ACT Prep, ecology, mythology, senior English, and freshman English. My husband and I are shocked that our three children are now over 18 and claim to be grown-ups. For fun, I enjoy tent-camping, walking in the woods, recycling, working crossword puzzles, playing Boggle, and identifying flowers and trees. I love puns (but others groan at my humor) and take delight in seashells and books. Finally, I enjoy students' mythology cartoons, mythology poems, and mythology art pieces.