The following documents are needed with the online application:

  • Copy of student's birth certificate.

  • Proof of Tennessee residency (such as a utility bill, phone bill, etc., that includes the parent/guardian name and physical address).

  • Copy of Tennessee Immunization form. A doctor or health care clinic can provide and complete this form.

  • Student's unofficial high school transcript.

  • Student's current semester grades.

  • Student's discipline record. (If no discipline, then a signed document from school administration or counselor stating that there is no discipline.)

  • Student's attendance for the current academic year.

  • Letter of Recommendation (encouraged, but not required).

  • Student photo (Head shot for identification at school testing).

  • Special Education documentation (if applicable) (IEP, evaluation, etc.)

  • 504 documentation (if applicable)

How do I provide these documents?  Is there an application fee?

You may upload these documents directly into our online application. We will not accept these documents via email. All applications must be submitted online, with a non-refundable $125 application fee.  

Is my application complete without these? When will I know if my student has been accepted?

An application is not complete without all required documents, and documents must be provided at the time the application is submitted. Providing documents after-the-fact may result in delays in processing your student's application.

Once complete, our admission team will review and notify you if your student is accepted.  Applications that are incomplete will not be processed for review, and will not be accepted into the program.

What if my student is in a home school program?

If your student is currently in a home school program, please contact the TOPS office before completing the application.  

Additional Questions?

For questions about enrollment please contact Ms. Kim Amos at 423-652-9209 or click here to email.