What is required?

All students are required to have a computer and internet connection.  While it will be helpful to have a webcam in order to Skype or video chat with teachers, that is not a requirement for TOPS students. That being said, webcams are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from places like Walmart for as low as $20. 

 What software is the student required to use while at TOPS?

  • Google Apps:  students will be given a TOPS Gmail account and access to a Google Drive, where they can store their school documents.  They should check their email daily.
  • Canvas:  this is the main software where courses, assignments and grading is located.  
  • PowerSchool:  this is the district software where attendance and final grades are stored.
  • Other software as needed by specific courses.


Although we provide all software that is needed, below is a list of suggested software that may make your TOPS journey easier. 

Suggested Software

The following software is free unless indicated. Software is ranked in terms of best experience for the student. This list isn't exhaustive, you might already have software that will work. This list is written for PC and Mac users, but the links are for PC files.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Office Products

Microsoft Office (not free)

Google Docs

Open Office

PDF Reader

Adobe Reader



PowerPoint (not free)

Google Docs

Movie Making

Windows Live Movie Maker

Scanner Apps for iPhone


Scanner Apps for Droid

Google Drive

Video Conferencing


Mobile Canvas Apps


Canvas App for iPhone